Physiotherapy during the World Cup

Here at BodyFit Physiotherapy we are passionate about rugby and are always here to help. Alex Blazhevskyiy, our principal physiotherapist has extensive experience of working with rugby teams and rugby players in general helping them recover from their niggles and getting them back on the field safely. He also has special interest in sports physiotherapy.…

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Importance of Exercise and the Role of Physiotherapy in Fall Prevention and Reversing of Frailty in Older Adults

It is well-known that risk of falling is a very serious issue especially among the elderly. As we age our muscle strength and balance have a tendency to gradually deteriorate making falls more likely to occur. To make matters worse bone density or bone strength reduces with increased age meaning that the chances of a…

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Are you wearing the right shoes for your sport?

We are right at the start of another winter sports season and it’s time to think what we can do to prevent those nasty injuries from interrupting your game. One of the easiest ways to minimize the risk of injury is to make sure you have the right footwear for the conditions. It is still…

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