Please meet our clinical team at BodyFit Physiotherapy Howick and Pakuranga!

About Victor – Physiotherapist

Victor grew up in the Howick/Pakuranga area and has been part of the local community so some of you may even know him personally.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Otago. He then moved to Christchurch where he worked in private practice.

Victor joined our clinic in Howick in February 2013. And managed to build a strong and happy client base by helping many of our patients break free from their pain.

In July 2014 he took off to Europe on his planned OE. Over the following couple of years he locumed in the UK and gained invaluable overseas experience.

Fortunately, he returned to BodyFit in October 2016 upon getting home-sick and returning back home to New Zealand.

Victor is a very enthusiastic young man for whom physiotherapy is much than just a job. He is very passionate about his profession and will be very happy to help you with any niggles or injuries you may have. Victor is very excited about being able to help you fix your injuries and pains.

He has special interest in spinal and back pain treatment and completed a McKenzie Method Back and Neck Treatment Course.

Victor also co-authored a review article that has been published in the Physical Therapy Reviews journal.

Victor is also co-authoring an upcoming book entitled “7 All-Natural, Drug-Free Ways to Fix Your Back Pain: Fluff-Free, Easy-to-Understand Guide to Pain-Free Life Supported by the Latest Clinical Research”.

Victor’s personal statement:

“I grew up in the area from kindergarten in Pakuranga right through to attending Macleans College in the Bucklands beach area. After spending all my life here it was time for a change and so I made the trip down to the deep south to study at the University of Otago. It was there where I had discovered my passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy and had graduated with a bachelor of physiotherapy.
From 2011 I lived and worked in Christchurch for the next 2 years. During my final year at university I worked in a variety of areas ranging from post-operative orthopaedic wards to acute stroke rehabilitation. I obtained experience in a wide range of clinical settings but as diverse as my experiences were it has always been musculoskeletal physiotherapy which had my attention.
After graduating, I immediately got a job with a large musculoskeletal clinic in Christchurch. Given the recent events in Christchurch I have had substantial experience in all forms of accident claims as well as laboring work related injuries. I have had the opportunity to manage several sports teams from local rugby teams to international cricket teams.
As a physiotherapist, my personal goal is to help you return to pain free, full function – whether that be a return to sport, work or just activity, and if willing, to help you attain a higher level of function through exercise and focused thinking. I look forward to meeting and working with you.”

About Anamika – Physiotherapist

Anamika who has joined our team back in May 2015. She is an experienced physiotherapist with strong background in hands-on injury treatment and manual therapy.

Anamika will be mostly based in our new Pakuranga clinic.

She is a very caring physiotherapist with great listening skills so you can be sure that all will be done to address and fix your problem.

Anamika has strong background and passion for paediatric physiotherapy. She had worked in neonatal hospital units in the past and loves to interact with children.

BodyFit Physiotherapy Pakuranga is a special interest clinic with emphasis on Back and Neck Pain treatment. However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t treat other injuries. What it does mean is that physiotherapists in our Pakuranga clinic undergo extra training in physiotherapy treatment of back and neck pain.

About Aaran – Acupuncturist

Aaran is a talented Traditional Chinese Acupuncture practitioner. He has a holistic approach which means he focuses on the very source of your health problem, rather than on the symptoms that follow.

Aaran completed his New Zealand National Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture back in 2001. Since then he has traveled to Shanghai, China where he furthered his studies in the field of acupuncture. Since 2008 he has lived and worked in this country helping many New Zealanders recover from their pain and regain their enjoyment of life.

Aaran has been with us since August 2013. During that time he has had some great successes in speeding up recovery and helping many of our patients to get rid of their pain.

Acupunture can be a very beneficial add-on to your treatment so talk to your physiotherapist about booking an acupuncture appointment.

About Alex – Physiotherapist

Alex has extensive experience working with top level sports teams being involved in sports rehab, musculoskeletal assessment and injury management. He holds a Physiotherapy degree and a postgraduate diploma in Sports Medicine from the University of Otago.

Alex graduated from the Auckland University of Technology in 2004 (Bachelor of Health Science – Physiotherapy). He has since worked in private practice with emphasis on sports and spinal injuries. Over the years he has treated a wide range of conditions from occupational injuries to post-operative rehabilitation and more.

Alex has a very goal-focused approach that allows a more effective physiotherapy management of various health problems and where patients are actively involved in their own rehabilitation process.

In 2009 Alex obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine from the University of Otago. This has helped him to further enhance his competence in the physiotherapy field and be able to address the the challenges related more efficiently.

Over the last 10 years he has worked with top level rugby and soccer teams including Waitakere United FC, Otahuhu RFC and Auckland Football Federation and travelled as a team physiotherapist as part of the Oceania Football Confederation football competition. This has greatly enhanced his knowledge in the field of sports rehab and acute as well as chronic injury management.

Alex has a great passion for physiotherapy and hopes for an opportunity to utilise his skills to aid your recovery.

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