Please meet our clinical team at BodyFit Physiotherapy Howick and Pakuranga!

About Shawn Lawyer – Physiotherapist

Shawn Lawyer physio howick photoShawn is a local. He spent most of his schooling  years in the surrounding Pakuranga and Highland park area. At age 17  he knew he wanted to be a physio as he could see the positive impact  this profession had on his community and his own family.

Shawn went to AUT  where he studied the intricacy of his future career for four years.

Shawn also has a passion for sport. Particularly Karate which he is also very passionate about. Over the last few years he rose through the ranks to become a black belt at  his local dojo, where he now teaches kids this ancient martial art.

In his  spare time, Shawn enjoys reading, socializing and gardening.

Throughout his time studying and working, Shawn became more interested  in geriatric care, back and neck pain treatment including joint manipulation and mobilization. Shawn always  strives to provide the best treatment for his patients, so you know  you are in good hands.

About Elaine Clisham – Physiotherapist

Elaine is the newest member of our team and has came over from Scotland to join our clinic. She has been working with sports injuries since 2008, having completed a college course in Sports Injuries. She then went on to Edinburgh Napier University to complete a degree in Sports and Exercise Science in 2010. During University, Elaine spent some of her time working at endurance events as a massage therapist.

To utilise her skills in rehabilitation, Elaine worked in amateur rugby and football clubs, and was invited to The English National Ballet School as a Sports Scientist to be part of a team that undertook pre-term dancer profiling to assess the likelihood of injury.

In 2014, Elaine quit her job to follow her passion for physiotherapy and went back to Glasgow Caledonian University to undertake another degree. During her time as a student, she worked as a support worker with adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties. As a physiotherapist, she has worked in Scotland in the NHS treating ages 14 years and older with single and multi-joint musckuloskeletal pathologies, chronic pain and post operative orthopedic conditions such as fractures and joint replacements. Alongside this, she worked in private practice treating acute musckuloskeltal conditions.

Elaine is always keen to develop her skills to ensure she is providing the best level of patient care.

When she is not working, she likes to keep active outdoors and hopes to be spending her weekends exploring New Zealand and surrounding Islands.

About Nick Storey – AcupuncturistNick Storey - Acupuncturist Howick

Nick is a talented Traditional Chinese Acupuncture practitioner. He has a holistic approach which means he focuses on the very source of your health problem, rather than on the symptoms that follow.

Nick has a passion for holistic healing. For him this is much more than a career. He lives what he preaches.

Here is his personal statement:

“I have a keen interest in promoting blood flow to all parts of the body. As I see it “Where the blood flows, good health follows”. Acupuncture has been used for over two thousand years by the Ancient Chinese as a method of stimulating the capillaries of the body to transport life giving blood to where it is needed; muscles, organs, bones, nerves and other soft tissues. I also use heat (traditional oils & mineral heat lamps) and Chinese ‘Tuina’ (a special massage designed to stretch and loosen muscles) to further stimulate blood flow, which can reduce pain and assist the rehabilitation process. I like to encourage our clients to breathe and relax during these sessions, as this enhances the therapeutic effects of each acupuncture session.
Other interests include: reading about the mind/body/spirit connection; music (both making it and listening to it), Tai Chi and meditation.”

About Alex – Physiotherapist

Alex has extensive experience working with top level sports teams being involved in sports rehab, musculoskeletal assessment and injury management. He holds a Physiotherapy degree and a postgraduate diploma in Sports Medicine from the University of Otago.

Alex graduated from the Auckland University of Technology in 2004 (Bachelor of Health Science – Physiotherapy). He has since worked in private practice with emphasis on sports and spinal injuries. Over the years he has treated a wide range of conditions from occupational injuries to post-operative rehabilitation and more.

Alex has a very goal-focused approach that allows a more effective physiotherapy management of various health problems and where patients are actively involved in their own rehabilitation process.

In 2009 Alex obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine from the University of Otago. This has helped him to further enhance his competence in the physiotherapy field and be able to address the the challenges related more efficiently.

Over the last 10 years he has worked with top level rugby and soccer teams including Waitakere United FC, Otahuhu RFC and Auckland Football Federation and travelled as a team physiotherapist as part of the Oceania Football Confederation football competition. This has greatly enhanced his knowledge in the field of sports rehab and acute as well as chronic injury management.

Alex has a great passion for physiotherapy and hopes for an opportunity to utilise his skills to aid your recovery.

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