The chances are you had at least one serious episode of back or neck pain that you can vividly remember and it’s not your fault… Research says that 80% of people have experienced spinal pain at least once in their lifetimes.

You know that nasty stiff or achy feeling in your back… or not being able to turn your neck first thing in the morning? Usually, this uncomfortable feeling settles down on its own within a day or two. However, have you ever asked yourself a question: is your body trying to tell you something?… very urgently.

See, the pain may go away for a little while. But what it tells you is that you are placing your spine under some kind of excessive stress that will continue to cause damage unless you get rid of this stress…and the sooner the better.

This kind of strain or stress can often have a cumulative effect… meaning that the stress adds up over time. In many cases this can eventually cause serious spinal injury… such as disc hernia and sometimes even lead to surgery.

If you’re waking up with this problem – the chances are it maybe the way you sleep. Making some changes to the way you sleep can mean a difference between having a restful night of sleep and waking up in agony… and possibly one day ending up on an operating table. Only a couple of simple lifestyle adjustments can end your suffering and bring back that refreshed and re-energised feeling you used to get in the morning.

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