Could Your Back or Neck Be at Grave Risk Because of Bad Posture?

Do You Suffer from a Postural Syndrome


And could your back and neck be at risk?…

What is Postural Syndrome?

Postural Syndrome is the result of prolonged postures or positions that can adversely affect the joint surfaces, muscles or tendons within the body. This is what many people refer to as bad posture.

Postural syndrome is most commonly seen in the neck and shoulders as well as putting you at a high risk of developing lower back pain.

The onset is usually gradual however poor or bad posture can make you more predetermined to future injuries.

So how does this happen? And why bad posture is so bad?

For example, bend your index finger backwards until you feel a stretch and hold it there. At this point there is no tissue damage and minimum pain.

Now, if you were to hold this position for a full 8-hour working shift, your finger will gradually become painful and will start to ache.

Not only will you finger be sore but you will find that you will adjust the position of your wrist and possibly your elbow to take the pressure off your finger.

This is exactly what is happening when you are constantly in a poor postural position.This is called “compensation” and that’s why bad posture can affect many different parts of the body at the same time.

How do I know that I have Postural Syndrome?

Patient with postural syndrome typically have normal, pain-free movement.
Symptoms are only experienced when poor posture has been maintained for a prolonged period of time. This can occur whilst at work, while performing household chores or even while sleeping.

One of the common mistakes people make while sitting in the office is they set up their computer monitor at the wrong height. Remember, the top edge of the monitor should be at your eye level.

Do you have:

  • Dull ache?

  • Burning sensation?

  • Tightness/stiffness?

  • Constant headaches?

  • The need to keep moving?

If you are unsure for the cause of your discomfort or if you might be at risk of bad posture, book an appointment with us.

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How can I get rid of this pain?

Therapists here at Bodyfit Physiotherapy Howick or Pakuranga will effectively target your areas of pain & stiffness. Education and adjustment of posture is important throughout treatment as this is typically the cause of the symptoms.

Bodyfit Physiotherapist may adjust malalignment of the body using specific techniques such as deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, physio assisted stretches and most important teach and instruct the correct stretching and strengthening exercises.

We will also teach you how to maintain correct posture to avoid further damage to your spine, joints and muscle.