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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a gym membership?

You don’t. Our personal trainer will give you an all-round exercise programme that addresses your goals and it doesn’t necessarily involve you going to the gym. All of the exercises involved can be done at home.

If you however already have a gym membership we can incorporate that into your programme by adjusting your gym programme to further suit your goals.

What if I don’t want to be told what to eat or make major changes to my diet?

Our nutrition expert will make suggestions on how to make your food intake healthier to fit your health goals without placing “draconian” limits on what you can eat.

We will do our utmost best so you can still enjoy the foods that you love and will work closely with you to ensure that you are comfortable with your nutrition plan. You will be very much involved in the planning process so it’s definitely not the case of us telling what you should eat. You will have input into your nutrition plan.

You will often be surprised at how small changes to your diet can make big changes to your overall health.

I don’t think I can afford it

My question to you is - can you afford not to do it?

Here is some simple maths that will help to put things into perspective...

You need to work out around 4 times per week. If you were to hire a personal trainer to train you each time (personal trainer charge anywhere between $60-120 per session). Let’s take the minimum rate of $60/session. 4 sessions per week… that would set you back $240 per week. This is on top of your weekly gym membership fee which you don’t need with the Growing Younger Programme.

The Growing Younger investment (if you break it up into weekly amounts works out to be about $76.70 per week (that’s a saving of over $160 per week). $76.70 per week is less than $11 per day. That’s roughly a price of a coffee and a muffin. Isn’t your health worth a cup of coffee and a muffin which is bad for you anyway?

Isn’t that a rhetorical question?

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling younger, full of energy to tackle the challenges of the day with confidence and a big smile.

Don’t you want to feel 5 or 10 years younger than your friends and peers and make them wonder what your SECRET is?

We are conditioned to think in terms of "cost of participation". But what about the "cost of inaction". Where will you, your body and health be 10 or 20 years down the track if you take no action right now?

All of this for the price of a coffee a day.

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It all sounds good but I might want to do it at a later stage

The thing is it’s never the right time. Your ducks will never line up and the time will never be perfect. But time doesn’t wait.

If there are things in your day-to-day life that make you age faster than you have to - you want to do something about it as soon as possible. Don’t you want to stop the unhealthy trends in your life and do your best to reverse the biological clock so it starts ticking in the opposite direction?

I mean just imagine how your life would be different now if you started on this programme 5 years ago. In the same way you’ll be thinking in 5 years from now if you don’t take action immediately.

Can I do all of this on my own?

We see time and time again when people have the best intentions wanting to get fit and healthy, and possibly lose some weight. They get a gym membership, start exercising without the proper guidance and don’t get the results they want.

In fact, because their technique isn’t usually great they end up hurting themselves, get demotivated and sadly the great intentions of getting fit vanishes into abyss.

Even those people who push through and carry on with their exercise routine often notice that instead of losing weight their gym exercises make them gain weight. Bizarre, you would think?

It’s because being physically active makes you hungrier and because the old eating habits haven’t changed the person continues to eat the unhealthy diet… just more of it.

This is why it’s so vital to have the 3 health professional working together covering all the aspects of getting fit and healthy: physiotherapy, personal training/exercise and healthy nutrition.

You could also try to arrange the 3 different health professionals yourself. The problem with that is:

  • That will create an unnecessary logistical headache for you and you are less likely to go ahead with it;
  • They won’t liaise with each other to coordinate their actions to best suit your needs;
  • It will end up costing you more because we packaged our services together bringing you the best price possible.

I don’t want to do strenuous exercises

You won’t have to. All the exercises in the programme are designed to work your body at a mild-to-moderate intensity depending on your current health and fitness condition. You don’t necessarily need to be running ultra-marathons to be healthy.

If you however specifically want to get to the top of your fitness game and want to step up your fitness programme to the next level then we can certainly help you with that too.

Can I cancel anytime if I wish to discontinue in the future?

Absolutely. You can cancel at anytime - no hassles. There is no minimum term. If for whatever reason you decide to discontinue just give us a call and we will take you off the programme immediately.

I have a medical condition and not sure if it’s safe for me to participate in the programme

If you have any serious medical conditions or are over 65 we will liaise with your GP to check that they are happy for you to participate in the programme and that it’s safe for you. Your safety is always our highest priority.

I don’t think I’m disciplined enough to follow through with the programme and the advice I am given

The phone App that you get access to with the programme makes it very easy to follow the exercise regime and record your progress. We also aim to give you exercises that are at your level of fitness and are enjoyable for you to do.

The last thing we want is give you something to do that you will dread the thought of. We are also always here to support you along your journey to optimal health and are happy to give you a helping hand of support if you need it. 

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