Would You Rather Feel Your Aches

    or            Feel Your Age?

Did you know that a staggering 66% of the New Zealand population are overweight or obese and only 51% participate in the right amount of regular exercise? (source: https://www.health.govt.nz)

So What? You might ask. It means, for example, that for someone who is 10kg overweight it’s like constantly carrying around a 10kg backpack, putting extra strain on their joints and heart.

And for those who don’t exercise enough, all is fine while they do nothing – but when they suddenly decide to kneel down and weed in the garden for long periods or, for the first time in years, they play a bit of soccer with the kids at the family barbie, they injure themselves, straining their back or pulling a hamstring, so they can hardly move around for the next few days.

Do you know what your true biological age is?

Everyone celebrates their birthday and is very aware of their calendar age, but few of us are aware of our biological age. This is the ‘age’ our body has degraded to because of poor eating and drinking habits, too much sitting at the desk at work, or in front of the TV. We might be 45 years according to the calendar, but our physical body tells us we’re closer to 50.

Wouldn’t you rather be as fit and active as someone your calendar age should be or perhaps even younger…??

Here at BodyFit Physio we see the results of people who haven’t recognised their body is older than it should be. That guy at the barbie? He comes in and see’s us because he needs to be able to earn a living and put food on the table for his family.

While it keeps us busy, our BodyFit Physiotherapists don’t enjoy seeing clients, time after time, for injuries that are preventable, injuries that would not have happened if the person returned their body to their calendar age – by leading a healthier and more active life.

Even though you cannot reverse your calendar age, you can effectively reduce your biological age, feel great and live a longer, more fulfilling life… and yes, you can do it too

So, to make this easy for you, BodyFit now offers an all-in-one programme that involves;

  • Healing your aches and pains.
  • Discovering how old your body really is.
  • Giving you basic guides on how the muscles in your body work together.
  • Providing you with nutritional information, programmes, and products.
  • Providing you with fitness programmes to ensure your muscles are ready for that game at the family barbie.
  • Get continuous access and input from 3 healthcare professionals: physiotherapist, personal trainer and nutritionist.
  • And most importantly reduce your biological age so you can enjoy a longer, more functional life.

We also help you monitor your improvement in your body age so, as well as feeling the results in your life and the activities you can now participate in, you can actually watch yourself shedding the years!

Sounds like magic? Not so. We have come up with a programme that involves input from 3 areas of healthcare: physiotherapy, fitness and exercise and nutrition. Because we will try to address your health from these angles, you will not need to wait long before seeing real results.

To our knowledge, no programme of this nature currently exists in New Zealand. And you are the first people we are offering it to… so jump on-board.

We guarantee you will be biologically 2 years younger after the first 3 months in the programme

Still not convinced?

We guarantee that you will get results in our “Growing Younger” programme. The programme will reduce your biological age by at least 2 years in the first 3 months, according to our testing methods. If after 3 months your biological age hasn’t reduced by at least 2 years, we will give you a full refund.. So there is absolutely no risk for you at all.

In general terms that means that you can extend your lifespan by at least 2 years just by participating. What would an extra 2 years do for you? Do you want to watch your grand… or great-grand-children grow? Be able to keep up and play with them?

Wouldn’t you want to have more certainty in your health and what tomorrow holds?

But even if I’m half-right. If you’re busy and don’t get to implement all the healthy changes we advise. If you only manage to shed 1 year in 3 months. That’s 365 days younger. Isn’t that worth something?

This programme is not for everyone

We designed this programme to get serious results for people who are serious about their health. If you don’t consider health as your main priority – this programme may not be right for you.

This programme is not hard and doesn’t require a huge amount of effort. None of the things involved will be physically strenuous for you. However, it will require that you make moderate changes to your diet, spend a couple of hours per week participating in mild-to-moderate exercises and changing a few habits.

So this will require at least some commitment on your behalf.

We want motivated people in the programme because we want to help you achieve amazing results. We want to help you because your success is our success.

This is why we are offering you, our valued client, the first opportunity to participate in this programme. We know that you have what it takes to be healthier, stronger, happier and wake up every morning feeling more energetic.

We offer 3 levels of membership in the programme:

Bronze Silver Gold
Physiotherapist Initial Assessment and review every 6 months Initial Assessment, Muscle Balance Assessment and review every 6 months Initial Assessment, Muscle Balance Assessment and review every 3 months
Personal Trainer 1. Initial Assessment and Exercise Programme given

2. Follow-up re-assessment and programme review every 3 months

1. Initial Assessment and Exercise Programme given

2. Follow-up re-assessment and programme review every 2 months

1. Initial Assessment and Exercise Programme given

2. Follow-up re-assessment and programme review every 4 weeks

Nutritionist Initial Assessment and nutrition plan (no follow-up) Initial Assessment and follow-up every 4 months Initial Assessment and follow-up every 3 months
Unlimited email access to the physiotherapist and personal trainer
Customised personal training phone App
5-day per week Phone Access to physiotherapist and personal trainer
Swiss/Exercise Ball

($46.74 value – RRP at Rebel Sport)

Available to purchase FREE FREE
Your own set of exercise bands

($50.99 value – RRP at Rebel Sport)

Available to purchase FREE FREE
Investment in NZD 31 39 49

All you have to do now is decide which option best suits your needs. Remember you are investing in your own health and the opportunity to live a longer, more fulfilling, happy and independent life.

Can you afford a cup of coffee a day to live a longer, happier, healthier life?

If for example you choose the Silver option $39 per week is $5.57 per day. That’s a cup of coffee. Isn’t your health and wellbeing worth a cup of coffee per day so you can get the most out of life?

Isn’t that a rhetorical question?

If you enrol NOW you get the first 2 weeks FREE!

To make it even more special for you we will make you an Early Bird offer… and this offer will not be repeated again. The programme kicks off on Monday, 23rd of January 2017.  If you sign up for the programme before Christmas 2016 you will get the first 2 weeks of the programme absolutely FREE.

So your first payment will not be until week 3, which is the 6th of February 2017. And in the unlikely event that you don’t wish to continue with the programme, you can cancel, and you won’t pay anything. And there will be no hard feelings on our side.

Let me just remind you of our bold guarantee. We guarantee that you will become at least 2 years younger according to our testing methods within the first 3 months of the programme as long as you adhere to our advice or we will give you a full refund.. This is howconfident we are that you will benefit from the programme.

To sign up for the programme, click on the “subscribe” button below and follow the prompts. Or email us at alex@bodyfitphysio.com with “Growing Younger” in the subject line. Alternatively you can call us on 09-5328942.


If you’re not sure whether the “Growing Younger” Programme is right for you we welcome you to have a complimentary 30-minute Discovery session with Alex where you can discuss your situation face-to-face and get to find out your Biological Age for FREE. Email us with “Discovery Session” in the subject line. You can also call us to book your FREE Discovery session.

We are excited and looking forward to making  a massive and positive change to your life and health.

Sincerely yours,

Alex Blazhevskyiy and Gavyn Berntsen

BodyFit and Start Afresh team

P.S. Click on the “subscribe” button below and follow the prompts to sign up for the programme. Or email us at alex@bodyfitphysio.com to sign up for the Discovery session if you’re not sure whether this is right for you.


P.P.S. This could serve as an amazing Christmas Gift for one of your friends or family. What better sign of caring is there than showing that you want them to live a longer, happier and healthier life. Call us on 09-5328942 if you’d like to gift our “Growing Younger” Programme to someone you know. We have an option to pre-pay for 12 weeks or 24 weeks.