Interview With An Expert: “Common Mistakes People Make While Exercising That Result In Injuries”


Before I wrote this article, I asked myself what the most common way I see my patients hurt themselves was. I also asked whether there was a way I could help to prevent these injuries from happening in the first place.

Exercise-related injuries make up a huge proportion of the injuries we see at the clinic. I wondered if maybe I needed to seek an opinion from another expert in the field who was qualified to talk about injuries and exercise. After all, as the old saying goes: “Two brains are better than one”.

The first name that came to mind was a good friend of mine: Chris Marshall. You may know him from his time as a personal trainer at Howick Recreation Centre gym. Then, a little while back, he was offered a position as a tutor at the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness. His background in sport combined with his experience in training his clients to achieve their fitness goals is priceless, so I was very interested to learn his take on this topic.

I asked Chris if he’d do an interview on injury prevention, and he kindly agreed. So instead of the usual article in this month’s newsletter, you’ll instead find a link to a recording of his interview.

In this recording, Chris will reveal:
• The SINGLE most common mistake people make when exercising that often results in injuries
• The 3 things that people most often get wrong in running that cause injuries
• The one MUST-KNOW piece of advice for people who are just thinking of getting into running
• The most common mistakes people make when they exercise in a gym
• Injury prevention tips to avoid knee, shoulder and back pain
• How to tell when it’s time to step up your training programme
• Common mistakes people make during exercise classes

Click on “Play” below to listen