You can purchase rehab/physiotherapy products from our physio clinic to aid your recovery. You can also order these items by emailing us at (a delivery fee will apply). Please note there are a number of other items avaliable at the clinic for purchase not listed below (various types of joint supports and braces). Feel free to call and enquire about these.

Rigid Sports Strapping Tape (38mm)Perfect for preventative strapping of joints in sports and daily life$12Physiotherapy Sports Strapping Tape
Elastic Adhesive Bandage (75mm)Ideal for providing support to injured muscles$14Physio EAB Tape
Therafix Underwrap 5cmProvides protection for sensitive skin when using strapping tape$14Physio Therafix Underwrap
Sports Rub (450g)Fantastic massage rub for pre-exercise warm-up or relief of muscle tightness and aches$45Physiotherapy Sports Rub Jar 450g
Physiotherapy Tennis Elbow BraceUseful for relief of discomfort associated with tennis elbow$25Physiotherapy Tennis Elbow Support
Physio Swiss BallEssential for a great abdominal/core work-out(the actual product may be different from the one shown on the photo)$40-42Swiss Ball as used by Physiotherapists
Sports Rehab Rub (450g)Perfect for muscle aches and pre-exercise warm-up rubs$45Physiotherapy Sports Rehab Rub Large
Sports Rehab Rub (90g – small jar)Perfect for muscle aches and pre-exercise warm-up rubs$14Physiotherapy Sports Rehab Rub Small
Physiotherapy Heel RaisesTo minimise Achilles discomfort$6/pairPhysio Heel Raisers
Physio Heel Cup CushionsGreat for relieving stress of impact on the heel, knee, spine and other joints$30/pairPhysio Heel Cup Cushions
LineBreak Compression TopIdeal for improving circulation and speeding up recovery when playing sport. A range of sizes available.$130Compression Top physiotherapy product
LineBreak Compression PantsIdeal for improving circulation and speeding up recovery when playing sport. A range of sizes available.$160Compression Pants physiotherapy product
Multifit Back SupportHelps to support the lower back. Comes with double elastic pulls on each side.$49Sports Physio Back Support

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