Important Clinic Update – July 2023

We’ve got some great news. 

It’s been a while since our last update and we feel that we need to fill you in on a few changes at the clinic.

After a long time searching for a new physio we are happy to announce that Matin Vahidi has joined our team at the Howick Leisure Centre clinic. Matin recently moved up from Ashburton where he also worked at a private practice. Matin’s physiotherapy degree is from the University of Otago and he has passion for research and evidence-based treatment in the area of physiotherapy. Should you wish to find out more about Matin click here.

Because Alex was the only physio since Komal left back in January we recognise that some of you had difficulty booking physiotherapy appointments as availability was scarce for a few months. So apologies for that. 

With Matin coming on-board there is more availability should you need a physiotherapy appointment.

The easiest way to book an appointment is give us a call on 0800 110031

On another note, we have decided to bring the BodyFit Physiotherapy clinic at the Howick Leisure Centre under the umbrella of Growing Younger Fitness. So there will be new signage coming up just in case if you’re wondering what’s going on.

Essentially the old clinic stays where it was. Lyuda will still greet you at the reception. And Reina, our acupuncturist expert is also still there is you need some help in that department. Alex is now the Growing Younger facility most of the time (18D Highland Park Drive).