Does Obesity Increase Risk of Arthritis?

Your Risk of Arthritis and Obesity

Keep reading to know how you can find out where YOU stand on this curve for risk of developing arthritis…

Does being overweight and carrying excess weight carry any risk of getting osteoarthritis or joint pain? The answer is, YES.

What is Arthritis? A quick overview…

In the simplest terms, arthritis is the wear and tear process that happens in your joints over your lifetime, particularly in your weight-bearing joints such as your hips and your knees. The cartilage or the lining of the joint gets worn out, creating a rough surface between the joints. The friction causes inflammation and pain. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of disability in people over the age of 60. People who are affected may struggle to walk up a flight stairs or get up from a chair. Most day to day activities that involve getting to and fro will be affected depending on the progressiveness of the condition. Wear and tear happens every time we use our joints – walking, running, jumping, putting our feet down on the ground – creating impact, or a ground reaction force to varying degrees. The higher the weight, the more the stress on your lower joints (knees, hips and ankles) and therefore faster the wear and tear process.

So what’s the risk?

Scientific studies have shown that the risk of osteoarthritis (or most commonly knee arthritis) is 2.45 times more likely in an “overweight” person with than a person who maintains a healthy weight. This risk increases to 4.55 times if a given person is “obese”.

In essence, the greater the weight and the greater a person’s BMI, the greater the risk of developing osteoarthritis in later years of life.

What’s MY risk?

If you would like you find out what your chance of getting osteoarthritis is with your current and weight, please follow the link below to fill out a simple form. You will receive within a couple of days, a brief, one page report that tells your risk of getting knee arthritis. *This offer is for a limited time only!

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