We have taken the current coronavirus situation very seriously and have been closely following the guidelines and advice given by the New Zealand government, Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation.

Your safety while in our care is our number one priority. And therefore, we have implemented a number of measures to eliminate or minimise the risk of contamination while receiving physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment at BodyFit Physiotherapy.

Here is a list of just some of the measures we have implemented:

  • We enforce the “14-day self-isolation” rule implemented by the government on 15 March 2020. Anyone who arrived from overseas in the last 14 days will not be seen at our clinic and instead be re-directed to their primary health provider such as GP. Please don’t be offended when booking your appointment over the phone when our receptionist will ask you if you had traveled overseas in the last 2 weeks.
  •  Aggressive hand washing and sanitising procedures have been re-enforced among all BodyFit staff
  • All frequently touched surfaces such as desks, door handles, eftpos machines are disinfected at least twice a day
  • We have rolled out the use of disposable paper treatment bed covers during the time of the pandemic. These are changed and disposed of after every single patient
  • A new “stay-at-home-if-in-doubt” policy has been implemented among all BodyFit staff. If any member of our team experiences any cold-like symptoms they have been instructed to stay at home until they feel completely back to normal
  • We will be asking patients who display visible symptoms of cold or flu to contact their GP prior to commencing physiotherapy treatment
  • If we are treating anyone with even a mild cough we will ask them to wear a mask (which we provide) to stop the potential spread of infection

Please do not be offended if we ask you to wear a mask during your treatment.

Because of our robust coronavirus containment measures we strongly believe it is safe for you to receive treatment at BodyFit Physiotherapy Group.

Should you have any concerns please call us on 09-5328942.

If you require physiotherapy treatment but currently experience some cold-like symptoms especially cough, fever or breathlessness please contact your GP first.